Christine Park

About Me

I am a 37-year-old Emmy award-winning news anchor and reporter in Fresno, a mother of two young children, a wife to a wonderful man, a daughter and sister to an amazing and supportive family, and a lover of karaoke, baking, Instagram, and bargain shopping. I am doing my dream job. I really do wake up every day grateful. It sure beats working for a living!!!

I started this blog so I could share all the extra stuff I learned every day that didn't necessarily make it on the air. Being a member of the media and being a huge media consumer, I love passing on tips that save people time, money, and just make you go hmmm.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading and commenting. Let me know how I can make it better.


Recent pic of my family. Easter 2014
Surf's Up in Southwest Fresno! I'm trying to board like Bobby Martinez with the Live Like a Champion Tour, which teaches kids how to get off the couch and lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Rocking the maternity chic look in the newsroom circa 2009, 7 months pregnant with my son.