Christine Park

Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEWS YOU CAN USE: iPhone 4 Fix

And to think you once laughed at your man's claim that duct tape fixes everything!
Apple's new iPhone 4 has been criticized for its reception problems, and if you have one of these glossy new gadgets, you may have experienced the problem yourself.
Well, the solution may be as simple as a strip of duct tape. No joke.
The new iPhone's design moved the antenna to the outside of the device, wrapping it around the borrom corner. Consumer Reports found in tests, putting the phone into a case fixes the reception problem. Or a small strip of duct tape on the exposed antenna does the job too... but it's not pretty! I doubt any self-respecting technophile will resort to this desperate measure, defacing the sleek and smooth surface.
SO... Apple is planning a news conference tomorrow morning to address the reception issues. While some critics are calling for a recall of the phone, an easier (and cheaper) fix would be to provide free cases to all its customers.

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