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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Phone Apps for Moms

I never knew how much I depended on my Droid until I fried it. More like murdered it by submerging it underwater. Of course it was a natural instinct to save my drowning son, who I had been taking pictures of to post on Facebook just a split second before. But I couldn't help but wonder, if even for a split second, if I made the right choice. KIDDING. Verizon told me I was out of luck. Water damage is not covered under warranty. Two weeks without my smart phone was unbearable. First, I went through denial: I'll be fine without it. Second, I went through withdrawal: actually feeling emotional and physical pain and sadness from its absence. But dear hubby, sick of my moping around and missing appointments, came to the rescue and found me a Droid, just like my old one on eBay. Aaaah, reunited and it feels so good!

This got me thinking, how critical my phone and its applications had become to my life. So TVNewsMom wanted to compile a list of some of the best apps for busy moms like you and me.

Period Predictor ($.99): Ever since hubby got the big V and I got off the pill, my period seems to creep up on me by surprise. My last visit from "Aunt Flow" came during my family vacation to Orlando. Needless to say, I was unprepared. With this app, just report your period, it will keep the record and predict the next one based on the past dates. Available on iPhone. Along the same vein, if you're trying to add to your family, Fertility Friend (FREE) for iPhone, Android or Blackberry phones is a good one. To get to the mobile site enter the following URL in your mobile web browser: Personal Finance (FREE): No more old fashioned checkbook balancing. Add in transactions while you're shopping. The app also provides budget information and a look at what categories (food, entertainment, kids) money has been spent throughout the month. Available for both iPhones and Android phones.

Coupon Sherpa (FREE): This app creates a list of nearby retailers that are offering coupons and discounts. You tap on the store, view the offer, and if you’re interested in the discount, you can bring up the coupon in Safari. Many stores will either scan the code directly from your phone or type it in. Available on iPhone only.

Mom Maps (FREE): Mom Maps provides information about different “kid-friendly" spots in your area, including parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas. You can use your phone’s current location to view spots that are nearby. They’ll appear on a map, and you can tap on the spot you’re interested in to see the address, directions, phone number, URL and reviews, if they’re available. Available on iPhone only.

How to Cook Everything ($4.99): This best-selling, first-of-its-kind app of NYTimes columnist Mark Bittman’s bestselling cookbook includes 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations — plus specially designed features for the mobile user. Recipes can be saved to a favorites list or added directly to a shopping list. This list can be sorted alphabetically or by aisle, which is a great extra feature in a cooking app. Available on iPhone only.

Web MD Mobile (FREE): Every mother has, at some point, worried about her child’s mysterious symptoms. When trying to decide whether to call the pediatrician, consult the Web MD app “Symptom Checker.” It walks you through a series of questions about symptoms to determine if everything is going to be fine or if you need to get help. The app also contains a First Aid section with information and visual guides for emergency procedures like CPR. Web MD Mobile is a great free medical resource. Available on iPhone only.

Amazon Mobile (FREE): Too busy to go shopping? You’ll be able to see the same information that you get on the website: prices, reviews, comments, etc. Plus you can make purchases directly from the app. I often use Amazon Mobile when I’m out shopping and want to see if a product is less expensive online before I buy. Available on both iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones.

Potty Predictor
($3.99): Take the guess work out of potty training. This app gives you all the tools to successfully potty train while still being on the go! This app actually has predictive logic that will help you and your child avoid those untimely accidents, and help teach and reinforce successful trips to the potty. Available on iPhone only.

Urban Spoon (FREE): Urbanspoon is a faithful app that will help you discover new restaurants in your area, based on types of cuisine and price ranges. Restaurant information includes the phone number, address and a Google map of the location. You’re able to tap a button and vote whether or not you like the restaurant. Available on iPhone or Android phones.

e-Nag Reminders ($2.99): e-Nag Reminders lets you schedule text message prompts. You can put the text together while it’s on your mind (feed the dog, pick up dry cleaning, pick up kid) and then tell the app exactly when you want the reminder message sent. Available on iPhone only.

LRNthelingo ($.99): LRNthelingo is a great resource for parents of children who are sending texts and instant messages to their friends. It provides explanations and descriptions of text codes, emoticons and slang. If you’re looking for something specific, LRNthelingo will let you search their library. Things can be viewed as expressions or in the form kids use when they type them: as slang, emoticons and text codes. If you want to understand what your children are
saying to their friends, this is a great resource. Available on iPhone only.

Grocery IQ (FREE): Grocery IQ is a grocery list app that is designed to help you quickly make and share lists by typing in items or scanning product barcodes. Lists can be created for different stores and can be sorted by aisles. You can rearrange the aisle order for the different stores so the list shows items in the right spot. Grocery IQ is linked in with and shows you coupon offers within the app. These coupons can be “clipped” and emailed or printed out for later use. Available for both iPhones and Android phones.

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