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Monday, December 27, 2010

Shape up or Shapewear!

New Year's Eve is on a Friday night this year... which means, for the first time in decades, I might actually go out for a night on the town. Trouble is, I just spent the last month or so stuffing my face and expanding my waistline. You know how it is, from Thanksgiving through Christmas, it's an eating bonanza. So it's no surprise that snug LBD (little black dress) that I was thinking about wearing this Friday doesn't quite fit right. So I've got a couple options here:

1. Go on a 5-day Master Cleanse diet which will make me drop a few pounds but gain lots of enemies due to my irritability and irrational behavior from starvation.

2. Go shopping for a dress in a bigger size which will trigger a depression that could ultimately prevent me from wanting to go out.

3. Hit up the Spanx.

So option #3 seems most appealing and least damaging to my physical and emotional well-being. But how to choose? The pictures modeling shapewear always include women who obviously DON'T need shapewear because they don't have an ounce of fat or jiggle anywhere on their bodies. So here's a story I recently did in which Consumer Reports used REAL women with REAL curves to try out the most comfortable and effective shapewear. Also, check out this article which breaks down the best garment based on the body part that needs the most help. So good luck ladies, hope to see you in da club, shaking what your mama gave you (with a little help from Spanx, of course!)

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