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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mom Proms

TV News Mom circa May 1995. "Masquerade Ball": Senior prom at Clovis West High School Fresno, CA.

My prom dress is still hanging in my closet at my parents' house. There's NO way I still fit into it. My senior year of high school, I was 115 pounds and fresh off a liquid diet. But alongside it, hang two bridesmaid dresses that I might stand a chance of squeezing into.

I don't know WHY I kept them. Well, now I have my answer. I can wear it to the next "Mom Prom!"

Thanks to my TV husband Matt Keller for forwarding me this article from USA Today. Moms are reliving their prom night all in the name of charity. The movement is sweeping across the country... from Seattle to Detroit. The nostalgic ladies-only soirees include 80's music and prizes for the tackiest or ugliest numbers. It was started by a 41-year-old Michigan woman who wanted an excuse to wear her not-so-pretty-in-pink puffy gown one more time. REALLY? WHY? I'm all for girls' night out, I'm all for helping out charity, but some things are better left in the closet, including the long-buried wish to be crowned queen of something. I had fun in high school, but I've never feel the need to relive it. Who knows? Maybe if I actually fit into my prom dress... I'd consider it such an achievement, I'd want to wear it again. SOMEWHERE. To a mom prom, maybe. Maybe not.

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