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Friday, April 8, 2011

How About a "To Be" List Instead of "To Do" List?

It's Friday, but my "To Do" list is endless. I don't actually have a physical list, even though my husband tells me I should. He's the ultimate list maker and crosser-offer. But I tell my husband it's all in my head. Like an ongoing nagging in my brain, when I'm driving, when I'm about to fall asleep, even when I'm blogging. LOL
1. Order Isaiah's birthday cake
2. Make dentist appointments for me and Syd
3. Iron or steam the new curtains
4. Enroll the kids for the next school year
5. Grocery shopping (living on condiments!)
6. Book family vacay
7. Plant flowers
(it goes on. and this is just the list at home, not to mention work)
Obviously your list will differ, but undoubtedly you can relate to the overwhelming and never ending sense of unfinished business hanging over your head.
So I thought wouldn't it be a fun (albeit meaningless) distraction to have a "To Be" list instead? Something to look forward to, to keep trying for, not just to cross off and be done with it.
So here's what I came up with.
1. Be spontaneous
2. Be sexy
3. Be silly
4. Be adventurous
5. Be drama-free
6. Be relaxed
7. Be kind
8. Be passionate
9. Be creative
10. Be more of me!
Go on, try it! What would your "to be" list be?

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