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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rock Bottom Mom Moments

So this photo, by mommy blogger  is making the rounds on the internet. She calls it her "rock-bottom mom moment."  She needed to shower before a cocktail party so she "corralled my entire brood in my room, handed out the iPads, gave my 6-year-old a bottle, and did what I had to do." I think this photo went viral because almost all parents can relate. We've all had them. In fact, we wear them proudly like badges, wearily re-telling them like war stories over glasses of wine. "Remember that time when I had to do whatever it took?"

Speaking of whatever it takes, this was our potty training tactic. It was the only thing that would keep my son sitting there AND provide incentive for no accidents. We tried everything. Sticker charts, gummy bears, goldfish, threats, bribes, you name it. So as for relying on iPads too heavily, I can relate. Thank you Apple, for your magic tablet. You helped my toddler give up diapers for good.

Along with the swapping of photos and stories like these, comes the realization that even "super moms" aren't so super all the time. Ah, but Pinterest would have you believe your sister-in-law or neighbor is a domestic goddess. I mean, she makes everything, from crafts to quilts to cookies from scratch, right? Well, what you don't see are the not-so-perfect outcomes. The deflated souffles, burned slow cooker meals, and lopsided knitted scarves. That's why I love the "Pinterest Fail" website. You need to check it out, the entire website is dedicated to "where good intentions come to die." It makes me feel better about any unsuccessful endeavors. Apparently these were supposed to be snowman cookies, not melted ghost puddles. In fact the one on the bottom left looks like it's decapitated and is bleeding out.

But I digress. As a working mom who happens to be on TV, I have a public persona to maintain. I must be perfectly polished, hair and makeup done at all times, and my children well-dressed and well-behaved. And for a good number of people, including viewers, people at church and school, and at the supermarket, that's all they see. Fellow moms remark, "I don't know how you do it all!" But here's my secret: I don't! In fact, here are some of  my Top Mom Fails:

1. Booking family vacation during daughter's dance recital
2. Forgetting to pick up children from school
3. Letting kids watch two movies back to back so I could nap
4. Holding son's bedroom door shut for over an hour while he had a tantrum, hoping he'd wear himself out before I did
5. Begging for wipes from other parents at a restaurant because I ran out after son had an explosive diaper
6. Telling daughter to get hot lunch from school every day of the week because I was on a lunch-packing strike
7. Getting a call from daughter's school (multiple times) that she was out of dress code and that I needed to deliver appropriate clothing immediately
8. Leaving toaster oven on all day, which nearly started a kitchen fire
9. Setting infant daughter on a bed for a nap, only to come running after hearing a thump to find that she rolled off and fell onto the floor
10. Let kids go days without bathing because I was too tired to do it and they "smelled fine" anyways

So just like Pinterest Fails, I turn to Parent Fails, to make myself feel better about my sub-par parenting. Hey at least I'm not raising a "robber in training!"

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