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Monday, January 17, 2011

Feel the Burn: Laser Hair Removal

Who's tired of shaving? Me! (I would raise my hand, but I didn't feel like shaving my underarms! It's winter... so what???)

SO after years of painful and ugly razor burn and ingrown hairs (I may have gone to Berkeley but I do not embrace the "natural" look), I was lured by a Groupon for discounted laser hair removal at Vivande Med Spa in Fresno. The deal, at the time was $150 for three treatments. After consulting my girlfriend who had had it done somewhere else, I bought six treatments for $300. I have since seen even better deals on Groupon, like today's: six treatments for $100 at Sanctuary Med Spa in Merced.

Anyways, I've gotten a lot of questions from curious friends and relatives about the process and the effectiveness of it. So I brought along my camera to my last treatment. Remember, when you go in for each treatment, you need to have about 3-5 days of hair growth so the laser can target the hairs. And your skin will be sensitive a day or so after treatment, like a sunburn, so it's best not to shave right after. Basically DO THIS DURING THE WINTER, when you're in turtle necks, not tank tops.

It's worked wonders so far... I just finished my fourth laser hair removal session, and I barely have to shave anymore. And the hair that does grow in is very thin and wispy. This is one beauty investment that I feel is well worth the cost... and pain. No pain, no gain, right? It's still January and I'm saying, bring on summer!

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