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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just in Time for Valentine's Day... Victoria's Not-So-Secret Sale

Ladies, you know it's time to restock your underwear drawer. Especially the 25% who recently admitted in a Consumer Reports panty poll that they have a pair of underwear they'd be embarrassed for someone to see. I seriously LOL'd when I saw this stat. I'm guilty myself... so the other day, I literally threw a dozen pair in the trash. Repeat after me: "It is NOT okay to put on a pair that has holes in it, no matter how much you love them."

That evil empire known as Victoria's Secret has made no secret of it's semi-annual sale. I think I got, no joke, like 5 catalogues in the mail touting this event. In years past, they would go straight into the trash, I mean, recycling bin.

This stems from the fact that all my past experiences ordering from the catalogue and website have been... well, complicated, to put it nicely. In fact, a recent attempt at exchanging part of a gift I received for Christmas has turned into a two-week exercise in mismatched bras and panties... with unanswered e-mails to customer service and paying for shipping twice.

But today... all my frustration melted away when I walked into the Victoria's Secret store in North Fresno. The large sign read all sale bras $15.99 and panties $2.99. Not to mention, when I perused their sleepwear and nighties, I saw adorable slips and camisoles, especially in red, like the ones above (perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day!) marked down an extra 50% off to like $10-$12! This is cheaper than anything you can find online or in the catalogues. Better yet, you can try on everything and you don't have to pay for shipping! I really rediscovered the joys of old school brick and mortar shopping today! Some of you reading this may be, like, DUH. But when you've got two kids under the age of 5... shopping online often becomes the ONLY option.

While I'm not ready to ditch Amazon yet... I'd say when it comes to lingerie... I'm sold on buying in person. But hurry! The sale, I was told, ends Monday. And just think how thrilled your man will be when you tell him your entire ensemble cost a mere $20! You normally can't even buy a bra at V.S. for that price!

p.s. for the more adventurous... Fredericks of Hollywood is also have a monster sale. But again, the real deals are in person. Who doesn't need stripper heels for $6? Happy Valentine's Day fellas!

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