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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Errands: Time is Money!

I had to blog about this. The Groupon is for Easy Errands, a new errand-running service in town:

  • $29 for three errands (a $59.97 value)
  • $55 for six errands (a $119.94 value)
The professional errand runners at Easy Errands can control time—that is, by cutting the excess from any to-do list, they restore time to their clients' calendars. Like genies, professional helpers are at their customers' commands, replacing their car oil with fresh brew, stocking their fridge with groceries, and urging them not to wish for more wishes. Staff members need only 45 minutes' notice before arriving to their clients' aid, though a full day ensures on-time service.

After coming off a weekend during which much of my and my husband's free time was consumed by running errands... dropping off dry cleaning, grocery shopping, buying birthday gifts, new shoes for the kids, washing the car, etc... This deal is so tempting. I mean think about it, gas is still over $4/gallon... so  getting someone else to do it might make financial sense. Trekking across town to Toys R Us, then Costco, then the Meat Market gobbles up those gallons. Then I started daydreaming about what I could do with all that extra me time, if my "to do" list was passed on to someone else. Give myself that mani/pedi I've been ignoring. Try a new recipe from Pinterest. Work on tanning my pasty pale legs before shorts season rolls around.

Obviously the concept is not new... in fact somebody told me about a Bay Area-based company called Rent-A-Spouse!

Welcome to RENT-A-SPOUSE, where you will find a variety of services designed to fulfill your needs. Especially with today's fast moving lifestyle, where a week feels like it was only a day gone by.
Do you find yourself not having enough time to clean your home, let alone time to do a deep spring-cleaning? Or, do you find yourself not having the extra time to complete a home project of some sort?

It's hilarious. Their services are divided into categories with names like the "Handy Husband":
The Handy Husband will gladly nail things back together, assemble basic items such as (bookshelves, armoire & etc.), paint fences, decks, interior walls, install items & hang paintings.
Your Spouse will focus on all your odds & ends for you.

and the "Loving Wife":
Will clean & shine all your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen & other lived-in areas from top to bottom. Including dusting, polishing, all furniture & items, as well as making all bedding.
Adding complete attention to cleaning the corner ceilings & walls, appliances, surface areas (stove, microwave, & more) adding decor & presentation throughout your home.

HAHAHA my unmarried friends will be devastated to find out that while I consider myself a loving wife, I neither clean the corner ceilings nor dust the furniture. But I do tackle the "assembly-required" projects and am pretty handy with a drill. And my husband is not as handy as one might imagine. The gate on our fence remains difficult to open and the hanging of paintings is done by yours truly. Yet he is stellar at scrubbing toilets and showers and doing the dishes. Sure, in movies and in fairy tales, the roles are clearly defined. But at our house and many others... the chores fall more along skills and strengths than gender lines. Now if I could just find someone to put away the laundry. Neither one of us likes to do that.

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