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Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Products that Moms Love for Themselves

I love  Johnson & Johnson's Baby Lotion. It's been years since we've had it in our house, but the smell of it triggers instant flashbacks to the time when my kids were little babies. I stumbled upon this Total article about baby care products that moms love for themselves. Not only are they gentle and all natural, but most of them smell SO good and are a lot cheaper than products geared towards women.. Do you have any secret beauty weapons from baby?

1. Arbonne Baby Care Herbal Diaper Rash Cream, $15
While this light cream uses natural botanicals and herbs to soothe and heal your baby's bottom, it can gently relieve your own chapped skin as well. Readers say this diaper rash cream is also great for "irritated thighs, C-section scars, or just basic chaffing."

Looking for a natural, talc-free powder to keep your skin smooth and dry? You might want to try Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder. Readers agree that "it helps keep you cool and dry, especially in hot, sticky weather." One reader says, "I use it for my scalp, since my fine hair tends to get limp and oily. This versatile powder has many uses -- worth every penny!"

Tired of using body lotions that leave your skin too greasy or not hydrated enough? Readers say this one leaves skin feeling "soft and smooth." One reader says this baby lotion is a "staple in our home. Mommy, daddy, and baby ... we all use it! Want to know a secret? It's even gentle enough to use on my face. High five Aveeno."

When you're in the shower, there's nothing worse than the sting of shampoo in your eyes, and this no-tears baby shampoo can solve your "lather, rinse, repeat" issues. "I bought this for myself because I have sensitive eyes. Not only was there no irritation, but after I used it, my hair felt like baby hair -- very soft," says one reader. Another admits, "I even use it on my pets so their eyes won't burn.

5. Johnson's Baby Lotion, $3.99
When you think of baby care products, chances are that Johnson's comes to mind. Their weightless baby lotion is well known for its signature powdery scent and mild formula. Readers agree that it "moisturizes without being greasy" and that "the price is great, too." One reader says, "You can't beat this stuff, ever. It's not just for babies! It leaves my skin soft, smooth, healthy, and moisturized. Plus, the smell is absolutely amazing." If you haven't taken this one from your little one already, it's time.

The bubble gum pink bottle and iconic Coppertone baby are American classics. But what's even more memorable is this sunscreen's powerful protection, which is gentle enough for baby and great for adults with sensitive skin. "I use this religiously on my kids and they have never had a sunburn ... it's so great, I always end up using this on myself," says one reader. Another says, "It moisturizes all day and does not irritate my skin or my children's skin. It also absorbs very well. It's just perfect."

Mustela's Bebe Shampoo is made from wheat, chamomile, and coconut oil extracts, which nip tangles in the bud and leave hair smooth and shiny. Readers agree that it's an amazing product for babies and moms. "I love this shampoo. It smells good and makes my hair feel baby soft," says one reader. Another, who originally bought it for her two toddlers, says, "After using it once on them, I decided to try it myself -- let's just say there is a bottle in both bathrooms now!"

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