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Monday, September 6, 2010

DEALS AND STEALS: Coinstar... Keep the Change!

Who doesn't have a bowl of loose change sitting in their home or car? Weighing down your wallet... cluttering your clutch... pennies all over your purse!

I used to diligently try to use my change when paying for things with cash at the register. But then I started getting dirty looks from the people in line behind me and exasperated sales clerks rolling their eyes.

So hubby proposed putting a little container in the kitchen... where he and I could deposit all of our change. Cute. Like from the movie Up when Carl and his wife save up for their dream home. Or like my daughter pointed out, like Tiana saves up for her restaurant in the movie Princess and the Frog. I agreed, thinking, it would take months to build up, maybe five dollars. Then we would take it to a Coinstar to get some cold hard cash, for a fee, of course (9.8 cents per dollar counted.)

Never underestimate the power of pocket change! After just a few weeks, I took the quart-sized jar to the Coinstar kiosk at my local supermarket and watched, amazed, as the amount went up to $49!!! Even better, Coinstar waives the fee if you cash in for a gift card with one of their partners, including Amazon, Old Navy, Lowe's, and Starbucks! Even better, when you cash in $40 or more at Coinstar they'll throw in a bonus $10 iTunes gift card. LOVE IT!!!
So I walked away feeling richer, smarter, and inspired. Usually only online shopping does that for me. LOL.

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