Christine Park

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eyelashes for Your Car?

Coming soon to a car near you... eyelashes. As a way to individualize and feminize your car, I guess. Why not? Guys have the option of Carstache or Truck Nutz... as a way to display their masculinity... and sense of humor.

The makers of Carlashes say their product can "dress up your headlights with a touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal!" The crystal "eyeliner" is $19.99 while the adhesive "lashes" are $24.99.

"Eye-popping" or "eyebrow raising" results? I, for one, know a few ladies who wouldn't "bat an eye" before putting these on their rides. OK. Enough with the ridiculous puns. But are they waterproof?

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